Dear Customers and Business Associates,

Middle Tennessee Two-Way Incorporated is taking the COVID-19 Pandemic and associated crisis seriously. In an effort to protect our people, community, and customer base, we will be conducting our normal course of business in new ways. It is our hope and intent to provide all the same services for communications infrastructure, subscribers, and accessories. Though we will do all the same sales, installation services, tower work, repairs, FCC licensing, etc., we will be minimizing face to face contact to do our part to minimize the spread of the virus, protect the health interests of our employees and their families, and to insure that we will be available to our customer base for regular and emergency service.

We will respond to all calls to our long time numbers: 931-684-8450 or 615-890-6685

We will operate the same business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and we will continue to provide 24-7-365 support for infrastructure and critical systems.

We hope and trust that we will be able to return to normal at some point, but for now, we will be unavailable for unscheduled services/walk-ins. We appreciate your patience with this, and encourage customers to call ahead to schedule services, repairs, radio and accessories pickup (or delivery).

We will be available for online and over the phone consultation, web meetings, or any other thing that can be handled remotely. Where human interaction cannot be avoided, we will do our best to maintain safe distances, and we will be disinfecting everything that we will need to physically handle as we go. We greatly encourage our customers to do the same. It is well known that cell phones can be covered with bacteria and or viruses, and two-way radios and accessories are at least as vulnerable. Regular wiping down of both cell phones and radios with disinfecting wipes should become everyone’s new normal operating procedure.

We greatly appreciate and value our customer relationships, and we hope they carry far into the future.

Thank you, and Stay Safe Out There!