I had decided to set up a video page

but never fully followed through. Now

I have two channels on Youtube. (Tower Work) (Personal Stuff including Flying)


My earliest memories of my father revolved around him as a military pilot. He flew all the classic aircraft from World War II including the P-47, the B-24, and the P-51. He spent a lot of time in the North American T-6 and later, in the Tennessee Air National Guard flew the first American jet the F-80, its trainer derivative the T-33 and later the RF-84F (photo reconiasance verson of the F-84). When my father died in 2003 I found his military flight log in the family's piano bench. My dream as a young boy was to become a military pilot but I was born with less than perfect vision and didn't become a pilot until the age of 45. These days I fly low and slow in various general aviation aircraft around Middle Tennessee.

I hope to develop these pages as time goes on. For now I have a couple of videos, the links for which are below.


1. Landing a Cessna 150 at Lewisburg, Tennessee

2. Simulated flight in a Mig15 at SETAC


3. Simulated Aerobatics in an Extra 300


4. Helicopter Flight around the Seattle Airport



Blackhawk Landing