Lavergne-Smyrna, Tennessee

387 Blair Road

Lavergne, TN 37086


Map to Site

On November 7, 2001 Middle Tennessee Two-way purchased our Lavergne tower site from TDS Telcomm. Just after purchase we embarked on the performance of long neglected maintenance. We did a complete guy wire change, plumb and tension and removed old unused cables from the tower. Later we installed a new transmitter shelter.  We will be improving this site as time goes by.  The coordinates of this site are 35 58 55.2, -86 34 57.9 (Copy and paste the coordinates in order to plot to an electronic map.

The ground elevation is 274.3 meters and the structure height is 60.7 meters.  The tower is by no means full.  The site is fenced and the building air conditioned.  The FCC registration number of this site is 1227349. This site is less than three hundred yards from Interstate 24. The street address is 327 Blair Road. For information call

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The transmitter building at Lavergne

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180 foot Rohn 35 at Lavergne