The Culleoka Tower Site


Map to Site

2241 Peach Orchard Road

Culleoka,Tennessee 38451

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Cold War Microwave Site

The Culleoka tower was formerly part of the AT&T long distance microwave system. With the advent of fiber-optics, the microwave towers became ineffecient. AT&T has now sold most of the towers to private companies. We recently (November 2002) acquired this structure from American Tower Corporation. The tower is 175 Feet tall and is capable of holding more antennas than we can possibly place on it. The adjoining building has more than 1900 square feet of floor space and was constructed to withstand the forces generated by a nuclear blast 35 miles away. The structure is located 2.5 miles from Highway 50 in Culleoka, Tennessee. Ground elevation is 1124 feet. The coordinates for the Culleoka site are 35-29-16,-87-01-30. For information please contact

John Hettish